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020 ▼a 9783030142506: ▼c EURO89.99
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1001 ▼a Damnjanovic, Ivan
24510 ▼a Data analytics for engineering and construction project risk management/ ▼d Ivan Damnjanovic, ▼e Kenneth Reinschmidt.
260 ▼a cham: ▼b Springer, ▼c 2019.
300 ▼a 379 p; ▼c 25 cm.
504 ▼a Includes index p.373-379
505 ▼a Introduction to uncertainty and Risk -- Project Risk Management fundamentals -- Second moment approach for the probability distribution of project perfomance functions -- Monte carlo simulation approach for the probability distribution of project performance functions --Correlation in projects -- Eastimating means,variances, and correlations based on experts' judgment -- Sensitivity and cimmon cause effects -- Approcimate risk function for project durations -- Contingency and Management reserves -- Bayesian revision of probability estimates -- Managing contingency and budget to complete -- Statistical project control -- Forecasting project completion -- Forecasting with learning curve models
7001 ▼a Reinschmidt, Kenneth
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